4140 PH DCF and 4140 HT DCF Custom made 4140 steel parts. Precision Grinding, Inc.

4140 PH DCF - 4140 Prehard, (Decarb Free, if specified)
4140 HT DCF - 
4140 Heat Treated, Decarb-Free

Many steel service centers, job shops, machine builders, engineers, and machinists across America regularly interchange the terms 4140 HT and 4140 PH. Metallurgists may place more stringent guidelines when applying the comparative terminology. Precision Grinding refers to this hardened alloy grade, 4140 28-32 HRc or 4140 Brinell 262-321 as 4140 PH.

Annealing, Stress Relieving, Heat Treating & Hardening Acronyms as abbreviated on PGI Quotations & Invoices:

SR - Stress Relieved Q - Quenched
AN - Annealed T - Tempered
Normalized QT - Quenched & Tempered
PH - Prehardened, normally listing HRc (Rockwell range) Case Hardened
HT - Heat Treated, normally noting Brinell or Rockwell range Brinell - Brinell Hardness, Rockwell Hardness - Rc, Rc, HRc,

Often times, those who order 4140 Rc 28 -32 have no further requirements to perform an additional heat treatment on the part.

4140PH - 4140 Pre-hard steel with a specified Rockwell Hardness, Rc 28 - 32. Please, verify your specifications.
4140HT - (acceptable) 4140 Heat-treated steel with specified Rc 26 - 34. Please, verify Heat or Hardness required.
4140HT - (preferred) 4140 Heat-treatment Quench / Temper to specified Brinell Scale or Rockwell Scale Hardness.
DCF -  decarb-free, (+ .015) to (+.030) over-thickness tolerances may apply, dependant upon tolerance requests.
4140 HR  -  4140 as-Rolled, Mill Tolerances and accepted AISI, SAE, Canadian or European specifications applied.
4140 AN - 4140 Annealed. Recommendations suggest that 4140 HR receive an Anneal following any applied heat cut.
4140 QT - 4140 Quenched & Tempered to a hardness ranging from Rc 25 - 46, may reach 50 Rc, if the steel allows.
4140 Case Hardened - 4140 Case Hardening may be able to reach upwards 60 Rc.

Please, Consult with certified Metallurgists and Engineers to confirm your specifications.

Precision Grinding has been manufacturing and delivering 4140, 4140 AN, 4140 PH, 4140 QT, and 4140 Case Hardened parts to customers for over 30 years. We have a tremendous amount of experience producing 4140 flat steel parts, meeting cutting, grinding, and machining requirements, tolerances, and delivery schedules.

4140 PH - Often used for many types of mold bases (molding blocks), die plates, bolsters, tooling plates, machine parts, platens, gears, machine ways, and specialty plates & parts for molds, dies, presses and industrial machines.

PreHard C Mn (max) P (max) S Si Cr Mo Hardness Tensile Strength Yield Strength
4140 PH 0.38 - 0.43 0.75 - 1.0 0.035 0.02 - .03 0.15 - 0.30 0.8 - 1.1 0.15 - .25 RC 28 to 32 98ksi + 58ksi +

Oil Quenched & Tempered 4140 PH has a standard, industry recognized Rockwell C Hardness rating of 28 - 32. 4140 PH and 4140 PH DCF may be Saw Cut, EDM or may be Water-Jet Cut to size. After Saw Cutting or EDM, recommendations may suggest Stress Relieving. Standard quote requests may be provided in inches or millimeters, according to your request.

*** Precision Ground Requests:  Please, let us know your tolerance requirements for PH. Example: + .030", +/- .010", +/- .005", +/-.001"

Tool Steels and Stainless Steels available: A2, D2, S7, 410ss, 420ss Steel Plate Inventory: A36, A572 - 50, A514, 1045, 4140 as Rolled
Blanchard Grinding capacity to 129" OD Surface Grinding to 31" x 36" x 173" to .001" parallelism 4140 PH DCF - 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2.00" 4140 PH Square Bars
Blanchard Grinding Services Surface Grinding Services Ground 4140 PH DCF Plates Surface Ground 4140 HR Bar

In addition to Stress Relieving, Annealing, and Normalizing services performed on-site, Precision Grinding offers support for heat-treating processes, such as Case Hardening services to increase the wear resistance & hardening properties of workpieces, including case-hardened gears, die-cast tooling plates, molding plates, and forging dies AND Quenching & Tempering services for hardening 4140 as-rolled or 4140AN parts, such as mold plates, die plates, bolsters, and heated platens.

Engineers, Service Centers, Machine Shops and Manufacturers should provide Recommended Specifications requests for all Quotations along with delivery requirements. We accept Email, FAX, and Telephone Requests. You will receive a timely formal quotation displaying many of the Acronyms, Descriptors, and Heating terms described above.

Email us at mail@precisiongrinding.com or call us at (888) 934-7463 with your request, today. Excellent Prices, On time Delivery.

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